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Sex Worth Wanting

Want to want it again? Finding yourself missing sexual intimacy? The solutions may not be what you expect. This week's podcast episode is all about women's sexual function. How do our bodies and minds work together to help us reach the most pleasurable experience? And what happens when things go wrong?

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Learn about: 1) The two types of desire and how learning the difference can transform your sex life 2) What do we mean by physical versus subjective arousal? 3) The Dual Control Model of sexual functioning. 4) What is Sex Therapy? References to Check Out: 1. Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski, PhD 2. You Are Not Broken by Kelly Casperson, MD 3. Luv the Box: Curated and themed boxes of sexual pleasure 4. American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists, AACAST

Check out other episodes about sexual functioning, myths around women's low sexual desire, and menopause.Check out this week's podcast, all about women's sexual health.

Episode Summary

Introduction to sexual functioning.


The dual control model of sexual response.


What are the differences between men and women in sexual behavior?


The difference between spontaneous desire and responsive desire.


How to find out about sexual desire?


Female Orgasmic Disorder.


How to figure out if there is sex worth wanting for women?


How can vibrator therapy help women?


Mindfulness within sexual functioning and performance.


How antidepressants and sexual dysfunction affect libido.


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